How To Cancel Linkedin Learning Subscription?

Are you looking to cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription? If you no longer find value in the online courses and want to save some money, we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of canceling your LinkedIn Learning subscription step by step.

First, it’s important to assess your subscription usage and determine if canceling is the right decision for you. If you find that you’re not utilizing the platform as much as you initially thought or have found alternative learning resources, then canceling might be the best choice.

Once you’ve made that decision, navigate to your account settings on LinkedIn. From there, you’ll need to find the subscription management section, which is where you can make changes to your subscription. Follow the prompts to select the cancel subscription option, and you’ll be guided through the cancellation process.

It’s a simple and straightforward process that will help you end your LinkedIn Learning subscription hassle-free.

Assess Your Subscription Usage

You need to take a moment and assess how much you’re actually using your LinkedIn Learning subscription. Are you making the most out of the courses and resources available to you? Reflect on whether you have been actively engaging with the platform and utilizing the content to further your professional development.

Consider the frequency of your usage and the value you’re getting from the subscription. By evaluating your subscription usage, you can determine if it’s worth keeping or if it’s time to cancel. Once you have a clear understanding of how much you’re benefiting from LinkedIn Learning, you can navigate to your account settings to make an informed decision about the next steps.

Assessing your subscription usage is essential to ensure you’re maximizing the value of your LinkedIn Learning membership. Take a moment to reflect on how often you access the platform and the extent to which you’re utilizing the available resources. Are you actively participating in courses and applying the knowledge gained to your professional life?

By honestly evaluating your engagement, you can make an informed decision about the future of your subscription. Now that you have a sense of your usage pattern, it’s time to navigate to your account settings and explore the options available to you.

Navigate to Your Account Settings

To access the necessary options, simply head over to the account settings page and explore the various tabs available. Look for the settings icon, usually located in the top right corner of the LinkedIn Learning homepage. Click on it and a drop-down menu will appear.

From the menu, select ‘Settings & Privacy.’ This will take you to the account settings page where you can make changes to your LinkedIn Learning subscription.

Once you are on the account settings page, scroll down until you find the subscription management section. This is where you can manage your LinkedIn Learning subscription. In this section, you will find options to cancel, pause, or modify your subscription.

Click on the appropriate option to proceed with canceling your subscription.

Find the Subscription Management Section

Located within the depths of your account settings, lies a hidden treasure known as the Subscription Management Section. This section is where you can take control of your LinkedIn Learning subscription and make any necessary changes.

To find it, simply navigate to your account settings by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner and selecting ‘Settings & Privacy’ from the dropdown menu. From there, scroll down until you see the ‘Subscriptions’ tab on the left-hand side of the page. Click on it, and voila! You have entered the realm of Subscription Management.

Once you have found the Subscription Management Section, it’s time to take the next step and select the cancel subscription option. Within this section, you will see a list of all your active subscriptions, including your LinkedIn Learning subscription. Look for the option that allows you to cancel or manage your subscription. Click on it, and you will be presented with the necessary steps to cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription.

By following these simple instructions, you will be able to bid farewell to your subscription and explore other learning opportunities that await you.

Select the Cancel Subscription Option

Once you’ve found the hidden Subscription Management Section, it’s time to click on the cancel option and bid farewell to your LinkedIn Learning subscription. To make it easier for you to understand, let’s imagine this process as a simple table with three columns and three rows. In the first column, you will see the steps you need to take, in the second column, a brief description of each step, and in the third column, the action you need to perform. Here’s how it looks:

Step Description Action
1 Access the Subscription Management Section Go to your LinkedIn Learning account settings
2 Locate the Cancel Subscription option Look for the option to cancel your subscription
3 Confirm the cancellation Click on the cancel button to finalize the process

With this table in mind, you can easily navigate through the steps to cancel your subscription. Once you’ve clicked on the cancel option, you can proceed to the next section to learn about the confirmation process.

Confirm the Cancellation Process

After you’ve clicked on the cancel option, you’ll need to go through a simple confirmation process to finalize the cancellation of your LinkedIn Learning subscription.

Once you have selected the cancel subscription option, a confirmation pop-up will appear on your screen. This pop-up will typically ask you to confirm your decision by clicking on a button that says ‘Yes, Cancel My Subscription.’

It’s important to note that once you confirm the cancellation, you will no longer have access to any of the courses or learning materials provided by LinkedIn Learning.

After confirming the cancellation, LinkedIn Learning may also prompt you to provide feedback on your decision. This feedback can help them improve their services in the future. However, providing feedback is optional, and you can choose to skip this step if you prefer.

Once you’ve completed the confirmation process, you’ll receive a notification or email confirming the cancellation of your LinkedIn Learning subscription. It’s a good idea to keep this confirmation for your records, in case you need to reference it in the future.


In conclusion, canceling your LinkedIn Learning subscription is a relatively straightforward process. First, take some time to assess whether you’ve been actively using the subscription and if it’s worth continuing.

Once you’ve made your decision, navigate to your account settings on the LinkedIn website. Look for the subscription management section, where you’ll find the option to cancel your subscription. Simply select the cancel subscription option and follow the prompts to confirm the cancellation.

By canceling your LinkedIn Learning subscription, you’ll have more control over your expenses and can focus on other learning resources that better suit your needs. Remember to consider your usage and if the subscription is providing enough value to justify the cost.

With the easy-to-follow steps outlined above, you can confidently cancel your LinkedIn Learning subscription and explore other avenues for expanding your knowledge and skills.

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