How To Cancel Quick Quack Membership? 3 Simple Ways!

Are you thinking about cancelling your Quick Quack membership? Maybe you’ve found a new gym, or perhaps you just don’t have the time to commit to regular workouts anymore. Whatever your reason, cancelling your membership is a straightforward process that can be done in a few simple steps.

In this article, we’ll show you three easy ways to cancel your Quick Quack membership, so you can move on to your next fitness adventure hassle-free.

The first option is to visit your local gym and speak to a staff member about cancelling your membership. This is a great option if you prefer face-to-face communication and want to clear up any questions or concerns you may have about the process.

Alternatively, you can cancel your membership online from the comfort of your own home. This is a quick and easy option, but it’s important to ensure you follow all the necessary steps to avoid any unexpected charges or complications.

Finally, if you prefer to speak to a customer service representative, you can call Quick Quack’s customer service line and they will guide you through the cancellation process. Whatever option you choose, be sure to follow up and confirm that your membership has been cancelled to avoid any unwanted charges.

Visit Your Local Gym

If you want to cancel your Quick Quack membership, you can head to your local gym and they’ll be happy to assist you! Simply visit the gym where you signed up for the membership and speak with one of the staff members at the front desk. They will be able to assist you in canceling your membership and answer any questions you may have.

It’s important to note that canceling at the gym may require you to fill out a form or provide some personal information. Be sure to bring your membership card or any other relevant documents with you. The gym staff will be able to guide you through the process and ensure that everything is done correctly.

If you have decided that canceling at the gym is not the best option for you, don’t worry! There are other ways to cancel your Quick Quack membership. The next step is to cancel online, which is a quick and easy process.

Cancel Online

To terminate your Quick Quack membership, you can easily go online and follow the steps provided. Here’s how:

  1. Log in to your account on the Quick Quack website.
  2. Click on the ‘Membership’ tab.
  3. Select ‘Cancel Membership’ and follow the prompts.
  4. Once completed, you’ll receive a confirmation email.

It’s important to note that cancelling your membership online requires a 10-day notice before your next billing cycle. If you cancel within 10 days of your next billing, you’ll be charged for the following month.

If you encounter any issues or have questions during the cancellation process, you can always contact Quick Quack’s customer service. Here’s how to reach them and what information you’ll need to provide.

Call Customer Service

Simply dial the phone number provided and you will be connected with a friendly customer service representative who can assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your Quick Quack membership cancellation. This method is perfect for those who prefer to speak with someone directly and have any doubts clarified immediately. The process is straightforward, and you can expect prompt and efficient service from the Quick Quack team.

To make the process smoother, we have provided a table below with the necessary information that you may need when calling customer service. This way, you can have everything ready before you make the call, saving you time and making the process more efficient. Remember to have your membership details ready, such as your membership number, name, and any other relevant information.

Information Details
Phone Number 1-888-772-2792
Business Hours Monday to Friday 7am-7pm and Saturday 7am-4pm Pacific Standard Time
Membership Details Membership Number, Name, and any other relevant information

Once you have spoken with customer service and completed the cancellation process, it is essential to consider your contract. Be sure to review any agreements, terms, and conditions that you may have agreed to when signing up for the membership. This will prevent any future misunderstandings or disputes and ensure that everything is resolved smoothly.

Consider Your Contract

Before canceling your Quick Quack membership, it’s important to consider your contract. Make sure you understand the terms and conditions outlined in your agreement.

Check for any fees or penalties that may be incurred for canceling before the end of your contract. By doing so, you can avoid any unexpected charges and make a more informed decision about canceling your membership.

Understand Terms and Conditions

Understanding the terms and conditions of your Quick Quack membership is crucial to being able to cancel it effectively and efficiently. Before you try to cancel, make sure you’ve reviewed your contract and know what you’re agreeing to.

Some membership contracts may have a minimum term or require a certain amount of notice before cancellation. If you’re not sure about any aspect of your contract, contact Quick Quack customer service for clarification.

It’s important to note that understanding the terms and conditions can also help you avoid any fees or penalties associated with cancelling your membership. Some contracts may have a cancellation fee, while others may require you to pay for the remaining months of your membership.

By knowing what you’re agreeing to, you can avoid any surprises and potentially save yourself some money. Check for any fees or penalties before proceeding with cancellation.

Check for Any Fees or Penalties

Now that you understand the terms and conditions of your Quick Quack membership, it’s time to dive deeper into the cancellation process. Before you take any further steps, it’s important to check for any fees or penalties that may apply to your account.

Depending on your membership type and the duration of your contract, you may be subject to early termination fees or other charges. To avoid any surprises, carefully review the terms and conditions and reach out to Quick Quack customer support if you have any questions. It’s always better to be informed beforehand rather than facing unexpected charges later on.

Once you’ve confirmed that there are no fees or penalties, you can proceed with cancelling your membership.

With the fees and penalties out of the way, the next step is to follow up on your cancellation request.

Follow Up

Now that you’ve canceled your Quick Quack membership, it’s important to follow up and confirm that the cancellation went through successfully.

You’ll want to check your email or account dashboard for any confirmation messages or receipts.

Additionally, it’s crucial to monitor your bank or credit card statements to ensure that no continued charges are being made.

Confirm Cancellation

First, make sure you’ve received a confirmation of your cancellation to ensure peace of mind and avoid any unexpected charges down the line. Here are some things to keep in mind when confirming your cancellation:

  • Double-check the email address or phone number you provided when canceling to make sure the confirmation is sent to the correct contact information.

  • If you don’t receive a confirmation within 24-48 hours, follow up with Quick Quack’s customer service to make sure your cancellation was processed successfully.

  • Keep a copy of the confirmation for your records in case you need to dispute any charges in the future.

  • Review your bank statements in the upcoming months to make sure no unexpected charges appear.

  • Consider setting a reminder to check for any continued charges after a few months have passed.

Once you’ve received confirmation of your cancellation, it’s important to check for any continued charges to make sure your membership is truly canceled. By taking these steps, you can avoid any potential headaches or financial surprises.

Check for Any Continued Charges

Make sure you don’t overlook any continued charges after canceling by checking your bank statements regularly. Even if you’ve canceled your Quick Quack membership, there may still be charges that continue to be made to your account.

This is especially true if you signed up for a monthly membership or any other type of recurring payment plan. To avoid being charged for services you no longer use, it’s important to review your bank statements regularly.

Look for any charges that are associated with Quick Quack and make sure they have stopped. If you do find any continued charges, contact Quick Quack immediately to resolve the issue and ensure that you’re not being charged for a service you no longer use.

By taking the time to check for any continued charges, you can protect your finances and avoid any unnecessary expenses.


Congratulations! You’ve successfully learned how to cancel your Quick Quack membership. Whether you decide to visit your local gym, cancel online, or call customer service, you now have the tools to end your membership hassle-free.

It’s important to remember to consider your contract and any fees that may apply before cancelling. And don’t forget to follow up to ensure your cancellation has been processed.

With these simple steps, you can move on from Quick Quack and find a gym that better suits your needs. Good luck on your fitness journey!

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